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APES 3D 0914

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Apes 3D 0941 Body

  • Description: Apes 3d Body Part of 2 Peice Suit
  • Rarity: mythic
  • Category: lower_body

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APES 3D - 0941 Head


@Lauretta @Yannakis has made the ape head and a body to match is the head still to big or do we need to make it smaller.

Also i’ll have Ape Father comment next that NFT owners have commercial usage rights. Thank you!

We will most likely need to redo the other ones with @Yannakis But if you could approve this one first that would be great.

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hey @KandyGirl420 if they are other apes approved then it’salright I understand that between same NFT items you want to keep a coherence. can I see the body somewhere? it’s published ?

Hi @Lauretta It is really disappointing to see you reviewing another one of this guys wearables from just 18 hours ago after multiple ones yesterday while other creators collections sit for weeks untouched.

This sets the wrong precedent for other creators


The body is in this collection this is a head and body collections I would like to make all of the other collections head and body collections and you put on the whole suit and let me know

I have a 6 other wearables that haven’t been reviewed yet. It’s been a week and a half for this one and it’s still not published. I don’t think there’s a favoritism going on here. As these apes have been in the hopper for quite a while.

BULLSHIT. Your collection are approved in 1/2 days while other people have to wait weeks


I’m also waiting weeks for other collections I have tons of other items I’m waiting for. It may seem like I’m not waiting, but I am. Tons of my wearables haven’t been approved.

@Lauretta ,After talking with Ape Father we have decided not to put the logo of Apes 3D on the thumbnail, and just write a better description this collection has both the head and the body. Please only approve this ape collection we’re making some modifications to the others. Can you please unlock my other apes submissions so I can edit the files

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Never said favoritism more you being a spammy bot and tagging mods in your collection straight away, trying to act causal to get your collection seen & approved first.

Im sure the mods would love it if everyone copied you and tagged them all the time because they are inpatient…


Why don’t you see yourself off this post since it has nothing to do with you

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Yes, our logo is property of the Apes 3D brand and may not be used for minting on covers without a collaboration or consent. Nothing speaks against minting wearables with the assets as long as it is an own creation of the creator and not a direct content copy of official assets. An example would be the re-production of the Apes 3D backpack, the concept design and model are property of Apes 3D and may not be replicated without permission. However, if you would design your own backpack such as changing the pose of the apes so that it is not a copy then this is allowed as an example.

there is also nothing to be said against minting wearables with Apes 3D get creative and have fun the commercial use of the NFTs is also allowed for the owner exact details can be found here on our website in the terms!

This looks pretty good Kandy conrgatz and good luck!


Can you take another look at this. Also @ApeFather approved you can see by his message in the comments

Can you approve this one also @Lauretta

thanks for your patience @KandyGirl420 @ApeFather will approve this collection as soon as I can