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Apes 3D 0453

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APES 3D Giant Ape Head 0453


APPPEEESS!!! I cannot wait for these! LFG!


APES ARE STRONG!! APPOVE!! and gib me now


Make way for the APES!!! and yeah approve! and gib


@Lauretta if you could be so kind.


hey @KandyGirl420 I believe the helmet looks too big reduce the size a little bit, also youhat to add the hat category to the replaces part. Change those things will be ready to go.

If you can also let me know if you have the permission from apes3d to do this model or the nft, will be very grateful


Yes all of the NFT’s dealing with come with commerical rights and this is something we are pushing to the user base so you will see a lot of this @ApeFather I will update this and let you know Can you take a look at the one i’m publishing now as The head is to look big on purpose we have managed to create the body and head to match.

@KandyGirl420 @ApeFather what happens when you sell the ape? do you still own the commercial rights? just wondering for personal use

If you sell you loose the rights.

hey there @KandyGirl420 thanks for letting me know will approve this wearable today

I made an update to the default image

Had to update image @michi

Hey @kandy, I’ve had to discable this due to the thumbnail on marketplace showing the Apes 3D logo without permissions. Can you please update it again?
When I approve it seems to still show that logo on marketplace