Collection 'It's 420 Weed Leaf Shades' created by kandygirl is ready for review!

Round weed spectacles and old school LCDs. A must buy for hipsters in DCL.

Gotta complete the full set with these!!!

This needs to be a thing yesterday!!!

Lets gooo! This is dope

420420420 Beautiful! :face_exhaling:

These are lit! Let’s goooo. Would love these.

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nice like it ))))1 my avocia

i like these man! need asap

Oh Wow Amazing!! Lfg I need one when it comes out!

Ayooooo these looks dope!! LIST ASAP YOO!! Can’t wait to see them around!

Everything Kandy drops is fire.

Must have!! i want this asap rocky no cocky in my talky

I’m in love with this 4:20 wearable!

These are awesome! I definitely need some!

This is great for the cannicommunity :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets gooo lets GET ITTT!! GG Blaze Squad publish plz!

wakey wakey please approve this one asap dont sleep on kandygirls nfts this is what the people want please and thank you @moderators

@KandyGirl420 good job with the galsses approved

Hey i published an ape head here if you could be so kind

I also have an mythic suit i’m publishing too but dcl publish button keeps hanging up.

Thanks so much for the fast approvals.

amazing nft ı need this .