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Ape Mafia

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Ape Mafia Jacket

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Hey Lau! The female representation shows some clipping between the sleeves and jacket. On the male representation there are some minor clipping issues around the hands and the hip vertices aren’t fully weighted to the hip bone.
Please reconfirm the wearable is in full compliance with Decentraland’s Content Policy and Terms of Use and you accept those terms.

Hey Kat, Thanks for the Feedback, I already uploaded the wearables with the fixes you talked about. Although I’m afraid I don’t understand the part of Decentraland’s content policy.

Is this wearable violating any term of use of Decentraland? Can I resolve it?

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Thanks Lau! The wearable doesn’t appear to be violating any terms of use, we just ask that users reconfirm accepting the Content Policy and Terms of Use before publishing items, especially if the collection contains logos.

ah ok then, yeah I accept the terms of use, no problem with that

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