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AnyMagik RP2EG | Mages Suits

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Nekromantik Dress [Lvl. 3]

Runik Irridyan Dress [Lvl. 4]

Ancient Irridyan Dress [Lvl. 5]

Adept Witch Dress [Lvl. 2]

Apprentice Witch Dress [Lvl. 1]

Runik Irridyan Hat [Lvl. 4]

Nekromantik Hat [Lvl. 3]

Runik Irridyan Robe [Lvl. 4]

Ancient Irridyan Hat [Lvl. 5]

Nekromantik Robe [Lvl. 3]

Adept Magik Hat [Lvl. 2]

Adept Wizard Robe [Lvl. 2]

Ancient Irridyan Robe [Lvl. 5]

Apprentice Wizard Robe [Lvl. 1]

Apprentice Magik Hat [Lvl. 1]


The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Reviewing this now!~

Make sure to tag once you’ve made the requested fixes.

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I’ll make the fixes and i will contact you @Yannakis
Can you repost the fixes again? I missed click your last comment by tagging it as innapropriate by error…

Thank you…

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Just gotta hide hair on hats and add hair if you want to and for the robes You need to fill the gap on bottom

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I love the Design of this Set! Especially the Hat!!!

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AWsome <3 neede to be approved rn

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Make sure to be taking a look at our live stream on Friday June 3rd at 2:30PM (UTC +2) to assist on the bugs fixing of the Villager’s suits wearables! :slight_smile:

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very nice set! will be cool to see in the market!

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Hello @Yannakis !

What do you suggest me on adding thickness?
Because i tried to add it by extruding it among the normals but it makes the dress to clip into the outside part…

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You can try duplicating the faces, fliping the normals and moving a bit so they dont overlap

I added some solidify and it worked

Please fill the gap on the hats too. For the dresses make sure they have both representations and hide lower body.

We decided to remove the pants part for them as well for the dresses, we think they look better without it and maybe they’ll come out later on :slight_smile:

It’s better to let our players use the fashion they want with our other pants for examples or them pants they like to wear with it :slight_smile:

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Sounds good. Is the entire collection ready to check?

Nope, we are making some adjustments at the moment…

We’ll keep you updated when we can make it approved but we’ll push the changes later :slight_smile:

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Hey @Yannakis ! Is the Hats Category part of the Accessories?

Yes correct! @NairuZa

Apparently it is not part of the Accessories, see image below: