Collection 'AnyMagik RP2EG | Mages Suits' created by Anymagik is ready for review!

This is old documentation and hats now appear under accessories.

Yes but it is a confusion because we made our hats based on the “Old” Documentation and we cannot change them as they have now around 1.5k triangles, please do change the docs so people in the future will not be confused about it…

Meaning that our hats cannot be reduced about triangles because our designs were made based on this basis…

Do you think it is okay or we need to speak with someone from the upper ranks of DCL?

I call @Shibu here if you can tell us how we can proceed for these hats…

I dont understand the issue here since your hats are less than 200 tris and fit the requirement

Check the ones who has emission and hair

The ones without runes and magik or without emission are fine but if i add hair on them iit’ll be more than 750 tris so that’s why for me it is kinda unlogical to put them at 500 tris but yea

For your information if you name the material AvatarHair_MAT the tris wont be counted since its hair and will also change color depending on avatar hair color. Also since it includes hair this applies: Hair category = 1500 tris, Hat category = 500 tris. So combined 2000 tris. Of course its better to keep it as low as possible but this is acceptable. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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OMG, you are a savior xD

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Hello @Yannakis :slight_smile:

I’ve fixed all the issues on the Mages, can you check it please?

Don’t approve it yet still, we’ll tell you when if they are up for the publication :wink:

Make sure to hide lower bodies for robes