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Adam Bomb Collection Winter 2021

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Adam Bomb T-Shirt Military

Badam Bomb T-Shirt Brass

Adam Bomb Pullover Cobalt Blue

Adam Bomb Fitted

Badam Bomb Pullover Gold

Beanie Adam Beanie

Madam Bomb Pullover Bone

**Madam Bomb T-Shirt Coral **

Scam Pullover Black

Scam T-Shirt White

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These are so cool! Big fan of @thehundreds

This is so cool! The intersection of meta and streetwear begins.

Taking a look at these now! :slight_smile:

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Huge @thehundreds fan and bomb holder. So excited about this kind of street wear fashion in the metaverse.

Hey there,

So I’ve reviewed the assets and they’re all good apart from the hair geometry looks to have inverted normals, if you could flip those and update the hair geo on the hat, we’re good to approve on a technical basis.

As it appears these are a well known brand (from comments), could you please send permission of publication and IP rights of use to

Thank you kindly, looking forward to hearing from you!

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Will get the hat fixed ASAP. Thank you for the quick feedback.
“The Hundreds” is publishing it themselves. Will ask them to send required permission. Thanks again.

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Thanks @Malloy Keep an eye out for the permission of publication and IP rights shortly. Echoing @ksachani Appreciate the quick review.

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@Malloy the hats have been corrected and uploaded. Please let me know if there is anything else. Thanks again.

Visualizing my look at the next DCL event. Let us know if all the technical issues are resolved. IP documents will be sent out today.

@boazashkenazy @ksachani This has been approved :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Malloy . Can you help us with next steps? I know we need to send the permission docs to legal. Is there anything else before these can start showing up in the market place?