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90s Frens NFTs

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90s Frens Sweater

Hey @Lauretta it’s been a minute, but I just uploaded my fourth wearable. Hope it can get approved, thank you!

hi i will review this now, could you start by removing the QR code please.

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Hi @Sango is that a new thing? I’ve seen dozens of wearables with QR codes, and that was the whole point of making this collection. I’m also offering it pretty much for free at .001 mana.

Here’s just one example I just found in the marketplace, but I know i’ve seen more.

I found a couple more… My community has over 300k social media followers and i’ve already started collecting wallet addresses to airdrop this wearable for free. People are super excited. Thank you for our time. @Sango


QR code can be used as an attack point on users so cannot be used. these wearables you have pointed out will be getting disabled and the uploaders notified to update the models to not include the QRs.

do you have the item names of the ones you took screen shots of?

ok @Sango i have removed the QR code.

thank you.

theres some clipping on the bottom of the jumper , both male and female version

@Sango I have fixed the issue.

Still clipping on the female version

@Sango ok i’ve fixed that issue now.

collection approved :slight_smile: