Chat Chat Beta to Review

Good morning everyone… I am writing to you due to a big difficulty in the chat… having (for work) many friends, it is almost impossible to manage them in private…

  1. you have to scroll the sidebar to the end to be able to view them all.

  2. once the desired friend has been displayed and selected to send a ms in private and then if you want to send another message to a friend you have to start all over again.

  3. in the common or private chat you cannot select a message, copy it and then translate it this is an andycap for the world.
    I summarize.

  4. couldn’t you have a private chat like Twitter? with all friends on the left and their email, or ms.

  5. couldn’t you have a selection with a tick of friends to send a single ms at the same time to several people?

  6. couldn’t you translate the chat into your language with the right button like in google? or it would be enough to copy it and then translate it into google.

Thanks for your reply and good luck everyone

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