Add User settings like language

Proposal: Allowing thing to do stuff

Not everyone speaks English, the lands are usually developed in a single language without this restriction. We can make decentraland more inclusive.

I think it is necessary to give a boost to multiple languages, we are very obsolete in that sense.
It could be a good idea that SDK7 already integrates it, and all new developments start using it.

Inspired by android, or i18n, it would be as “simple” as the user can save their custom settings for all decentraland (language, and other preferences), and have a Key value system for each supported language.

If the user has English selected, it would look for all the texts according to x Key in the en_en.xml file.
If I had or changed to Spanish, the code would read the strings according to the key in es_sp.xml.
If I changed to an unsupported language, it would read the default file, perhaps configured in the scene.json

For the user:
Juan speak english but prefeer spanish, only need change their user settings and all the lands with spanish suport will be displayed in spanish. He could go back and change their user settings to english.
For the dev:
Only call a function to read X key in a .xml files will get the string in the language of the user if is translated to that language. Its a super easy way to have translations.

I think it’s not very difficult (at least to integrate it from the lands developer side) and it’s essential to be inclusive in the metaverse.

at some point it will be necessary to integrate this functionality, why not add it to the sdk7 release?