W237 - Digital Alchemist Collection

1. Description of the Collection

Digital Alchemist

This digital alchemist combines codes with magical crystals, in pursuit of transmutation of life as we know it. Enchanted by the dream of living in a world transcending the physical, is that he makes it’s first appearance. Leading us into the origin of something new…

1 Hat / Iridescent Hair

2 Upper-body / Disruptive Leather Coat, Elixir Sweatshirt, Digital Transmuter Backpack, Gloves

3 Lower-Body / Baggy Pants

4 Feet / Quake Rock Boots

5 Eyewear / Beyond perception crystal


  • Atomic Earring

2. Design Concepts

3. Team

Victoria Gonzalez Boerr Fashion Design
Previous work

Juan Pablo Colasso 3D Designer
Previous work

4. Purpose

The wearables will be sold on the Decentraland marketplace.

We would love to give for free one item of this collection to all members who support our concept , as a way to encourage the community’s alchemists.

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you very much!


It would be great if such a character could generate some kind of smart contracts when conditions are met. For example, some kind of nft (crystals, materials, etc.) when wearing elements of this costume. in the future naturally)

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Hi Pascal! Awesome idea!!! I’m up for it! Do you know how to make such wizardry?

Very very awesome wearebles set. Hope you get a top 10 spot :slight_smile: might be a good idea to collab with some of the great dcl game/wearebles makers on this if you win. Let me know and i can suggest some to contact :slight_smile:

You have my support

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