W234 - Sunstone Battlegear

1. Description of the Collection

In Old Saqqara a tribe of Sand Orcs have made their home in Djoser’s ancient Pyramid. Explorer’s whispered rumors hint of fabulous riches to be found among the Orcish treasure hordes. A recent expedition has unearthed intact pieces of the legendary Sunstone Battlegear worn in antiquity by some of Djoser’s most elite troops. So far a set of three masks have been discovered, along with greaves, chest armor, and a pair of boots.

The armor pieces grant damage mitigation bonuses in SutenQuest. A full set grants access to a new character skill based on the deity of the mask being worn. The masks are for Sekhmet, Heru, and Set.

2. Design Concepts

3. Team
Sunstone Battlegear will be produced by Suten Games, the team behind SutenQuest, an upcoming in world MMO. All screenshots in this proposal are from SutenQuest. Design assistance will be provided by Sebastian Valla of Wonderzone. Portfolio

4. Purpose
Sunstone Battlegear will only be available as rare loot drops from the Sand Orcs at Old Saqqara, or through Wonderzone recipes.**


Yes! MMO experiences will keep people coming back to DCL. Keep it up!

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Appreciate it! We think MMO gameplay with the chance to win something without paying first is a major key to retention.