W220 - FASTR - Hybrid fashion brand

  1. Description of the Collection

FASTR aims to be the first hybrid (digital and physical) fashion brand. Our unique selling point is combining digital art with traditional streetwear clothing.

The fashion industry is facing a lot of difficulties this year and is a common opinion that a revolutionary shift is needed. In our vision, millennials should be the trendsetters and among the first to buy their clothes on the metaverse.

Our 1st edition collection, “Hello again World!” reflects some of our feelings when the lockdown finished.

2. Design Concepts

    1. Hat - Streetwear Hat
    1. Upper-body - Streetwear Jacket
    1. Upper-body - 3/4 Raglan sleeves T-shirt
    1. Lower-body - Streetwear pants
    1. Feet - Streetwear shoes
    1. Other accessories - Sunglasses

Shoes and Jackets have already been built. Screenshots are available at our website while some 3d models can be viewed at Sketchfab:

  1. Jacket: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/kingston-be35b80883074918a69f7b1ec686c047

  2. Shoes: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/barcelona-2018272a616a4593b8f061a8bf6f0114

  3. Streetwear hat will feature a small artwork and a small logo on the right side.

  4. Sunglasses will not have the FASTR logo but a very unique distinctive sign which will made them easily recognisable.

  5. The 3/4 raglan sleeves t-shirt should be the first product to be printed and sold as a physical product. This is the basic model which should be improved by reducing the logo and adding a small artwork.

  6. The streetwear pants will have a small artwork on the lower-right leg, close to the shoes.

3. Team

Team is composed by myself, district leader of Fashion Street and Chestnutbruze as a contractor for this project. He is a very well known 3D Designer and his team has already been granted a license for wearables from Decentraland. He created the jacket and the shoes and he’s building all the remaining wearables of the set.

4. Purpose

For our brand launching, we wanted to propose something different and created a set of 24 uniques (1/1) wearables. 8 unique Shoes which will be gifted as giveaways to the Decentraland community and 16 Jackets which will be sold through auctions. These will be the only unique items and even if we are selected are to be considered pending approval by Decentraland given the unusual rarity.

For the other wearables of the collection we will request Legendary or Mythic licenses. 50% of each wearable will be used as giveaways for the Decentraland community, Fashion Street contributors and crafted at Wonderzone. The remaining 50% will be slowly released and sold at the marketplace.

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Thank you so much for the support so far!

Please check our complete Launch Collection at https://fastr.fashion