W176 - CZ Mercenary Collection

1. Corona Zombies

Brief Synopsis of Game Universe: Takes place in a futuristic scenario where the Covid-19 virus has mutated beyond the scope of modern medicine and has fragmented the remaining non infected population into separate factions isolated from one another.

It has been a 100 year battle trying to take back the land we once shared as a species and rid Earth from this plague, but along the path of mutation the zombie hoard have reproduced and spread to the animal kingdom, creating an almost certain deadly environment for anyone who ventures outside the walls separating these two worlds.

The Colony is the largest and perhaps most technologically advanced. While most remaining colonies only desire and work to protect themselves from a zombie invasion, this faction aims to lead the retaliation efforts to slowly reduce the population of infected by any method necessary.

The Mercenary Set

Specifically designed for a special class of highly trained zombie slayers whose responsibility is to serve as the front-line warriors sent out on regular missions to seek and destroy the enemy in their own territory based on the intelligence gathered from within. This special forces unit will be deployed directly into a “ground zero” META which will serve as the main battle arena for a multi-player co-op style RPG experience with a dynamic range of missions and quests to complete.

Each piece of this wearable set will have its own unique attribute boost which will enhance the players ability to destroy the enemy.

2. Design Concepts

We want this wearable collection to fit in with the lore of the game universe we are trying to create. Therefore, it needs to showcase the engineering strengths of the people from The Colony. A hybrid cyborg / super-soldier load-out providing maximum efficiency possible when exposing themselves to harsh conditions / dense enemy populations.

This armor set comes fully equipped with:

1. Holo Piece (eyes)

Combat interface enhancements

+Critical Hit

2. Aero Guard (face)

Protects from the air-born CZ virus

+Resistance to Infection

3. Exo-Suit (upper body)

Directly connected to the brain through a neural connection, allowing the soldier to perform additional battle functions otherwise incapable with pure biological capabilities. Forearm blades for added sleekness in the zombie apocalypse.


4. Bi Peds (legs)

A real mercenary comes with battle scars to say the least. We have the tech to enhance any mercenary to keep up with stamina needs.


5. Exo Gliders (feet)

Full gear enables the most advanced mercenary equipped for mowing down hordes of the infected. This upgrade further increases your stamina boost.


6. Open Source (top head)

In this metaverse, you have to upgrade in order to survive. With Open Source upgrade you take full advantage of your Mercenary Set. To fully function, you would need an exposed cerebral unit to link to your exo-suit.

+RNG Stamina/Durability/Critical HIt/Resistance

Reference Images for Inspiration to Concept Design of the Mercenary Set

For future reference of how we plan to evolve the suit, the next phase will be to create an ultra rare (mythic) armor set called The Reaper Set which only a select few will have the honor to call their own. This almost immortal class of soldier is only for the strongest warriors who have proven themselves capable of upholding such a prestigious rank.

Reference Image for Inspiration to Concept Design of Reaper Set (10 of 10)

3. Team

MetaZone: Corv, Iman, Will
3d Modeler: KJ Walker
Mentor: Wonderzone
Games made include Block Runner, Block Hole, Pac Runner, Orb Jumper.

4. Purpose

Corona Zombies is in active development as a multi META release experience intended to launch on the new MetaZone “Verses” launchpad. The purpose of this launchpad is to conveniently track the progress and release of any in-game assets intended to encompass an overall game ecosystem within Decentraland. Any landowner will have the opportunity to invest in the ownership of these METAs which together when deployed will serve to complete the entire game universe within the metaverse and in-return generate a revenue stream for the META owner themselves.

Link to MetaZone Verses Page for CZ: https://metazone.io/verses/coronazombies

We are currently designing the Weapon NFT architecture which will also serve as an integral part of the game experience as they will be the main tools of game play in PvE and PvP METAs. This wearable set we are proposing will be the first wearables available to earn from gameplay achievements, which when acquired will give the player additional bonus attributes resulting in a robust game ecosystem that the metaverse is lacking currently.

A percentage of the Mercenary Set will be sold to the public to raise the necessary funding needed to continue developing the remaining elements of this game. The remaining percentage can be obtainable through game participation via various partnerships and in the form of quest reward / random drops for killing high tier enemies and or crates in Corona Zombies.


Be sure to visit the Verses page for more details on our Corona Zombies MMORPG game.

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