W162 - Proposal for wearables - Tech Tribal Collection

1. Description of the Collection
Tech Tribal is a collection inspired by several aspects of human civilisation, infusing ancient generational designs, patterns and garments with technologically advanced gear and gadgetry. A homage to the designs and patterns are drawn heavily from my own multicultural background sharing both Irish and Filipino Heritage. Studying a long lineage between the two has inspired the use of relics, patterns, garments, masks and ceremonial clothing from both Celtic and Tribal Filipino backgrounds.
My approach to these designs combines intricate ink illustrated drawings mixed with 3d modeling to create my distinctive hand drawn aesthetic.

Headwear - Ornate Woven Skull Cap
UpperBody - Neckerchief with Intricate Cape/Poncho and custom steel shoulder pad.
LowerBody - Utility belt with ornate ceremonial straps
Feet - Adventurer’s boots, paired with tribal detailed armoured kneepads
Other Accessories: Tribal VR Mask ( May come in different animal variations)
Other Accessories: Neural Headress

2. Design Concepts
Please see initial concepts of outfit and accessory designs. Do note that the two additional accessories may comprise headwear centric items like Mask variants and headdresses:

3. Team
Marc O Matic is an Independent Multidisciplinary Creator based in Melbourne, Australia. Combining Traditional analogue art mediums with digital immersive and experimential AR/VR media, Marc creates highly detailed and unique 3D art, characters and worlds that can be explored across Augmented and Virtual Reality spaces. His creations have been featured across various Crypto Art marketplaces including Superrare, Makersplace and Known Origin.
Examples of his work can be found across the following sites:

Search for Marc0matic on Superrare, Makersplace & Instagram to see more examples)
4. Purpose
As part of a series of new 3D animated NFT sculptures I am building to be placed around Decentraland I am interested in accompanying these creations with their own legendary wearable item sets. These items/outfits would be sold as limited edition items on the Decentraland marketplace. See past 3d works for examples:


what you are doing looks unusual) excellent work with patterns! it would be cool to have such a crab house on their land, while if he still knew how to move)

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Thanks Pascal. Yeah trying to explore other styles. Would love to also integrate creatures in future.

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