SDK allow to control camera + lock avatar movement

I propose the following features in order to remove limitations that would allow new kind and better experiences

Unlock camera control for SDK
Allowing the control of camera in the SDK would allow to create better experiences. The movePlayerTo can be a workaround in some cases but the experience is not good specially when there are colliders or gravity.

Also allowing to lock avatar movement instead of looking workaround like using cube with colliders will be better for the developers and the users. The “cube” workaround can fail any day.

In addition, 1 icon for each feature can be added to let player decide to disable it. Or a prompt to activate it and cache the selected option for a specific scene

Use cases
Better experience for scene developers that need to rely on weak and messy workarounds.
With control of camara, we can have better control when playing Golfcraft, specially for some more dynamic game modes.
Quite games where we want to hide the avatar and control what the player can see.
Game cinematics.


please please :pray:
I think it is the most elementary feature to be added. it was the first thing i missed in the sdk.

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