Regenesis: Let’s meet IRL and revitalize the DAO

Are you going @web3nit? I see you deleted your posts.

You know he wasn’t invites to the summit and can attend this event, right? All you are doing is demonstrating @HPrivakos’s incompetent moderation choices to unban you early.

I completely agree with the proposal and believe it offers great potential. Meeting in person would allow us to explore the topics in-depth, creating a focused environment for dialogue. I’m confident that this approach will lead to valuable outcomes.

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Agree! Good timing to start enforcing the Strategic Framework proposal and review the drafts made by the strategic planning working group.

Thank you, @ginoct, for uploading the project. I think we all agree that things aren’t working well this way and that we can’t miss the opportunity to refocus the DAO’s mechanisms to improve in every way. The intensive in-person meeting will definitely be a great step toward achieving this.

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Hi @ArtReYou, thanks for your feedback! Given that there is no team handling governance facilitation and that in the last few months, personal attacks have been on the rise I think it won’t be easy to get to a consensus point online. Of course, I’d prefer to handle this async and online but at this point, I don’t think it will be productive and effective.

See the Bid proposals for moderation teams :frowning:

I believe the work you and Fehz have done regarding the framework are good starting point for some of the discussions we should have. I’m glad that you changed your mind and deleted all the hateful posts you published first.


The summit gave us a unique opportunity to move the needle forward in 3 days faster than we could move it in 3 months online. The DAO has been a runaway train from the beginning, and we have a lot to unpack, but we have a capable group of people who care about the future of this project, the community, and genuinely want to see it succeed for the benefit of all. I am hopeful that, together, we can craft a space where we gather with a positive attitude, mutual respect, and ready to work. I will be in school that week but I will try my best to make it. Hope to see you all in Lisbon.


Thank you so much and congratulations @ginoct for heralding this! I am very excited, it feels like the rebirth the DAO project needs, as a crucial step that can reinvigorate our community and serve as a launch base for the long-term success of Decentraland. The DAO is a key aspect of the project, as Gino mentions, and it pains me terribly to have gone through some really rough interactions in the past year or so.

This kind of open dialogue is essential, and I hope we don’t leave it there: dialog is important, but building and execution is what matters, as the Foundation has been doing non-stop through all market ups and downs. Let’s work together to make this event a success and ensure that Decentraland continues to thrive! The future is bright.


I agree to revitalize the DAO and it’s new operational structure.
In-person meetings are important. (As I am not proficient in English, I would be happy to participate in text-based online events.)
I hope that a new client and structure will resolve the problem.


Just like the DCL Argentina Summit, I also approve this one.

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Hi @ginoct, excellent work assembling this, and thanks for reaching out.

I envision a bright future for Decentraland and I like the idea of seeing people and “touching grass”, but a three-day visit isn’t going to fix the so many issues the DAO is facing. Personally, I lean towards regular face-to-face workgroup meetings through Google/Skype/Etc… Consider how much the Foundation will spend on another in person event vs awarding people who attend and contribute toward growth in remote meetings.

As you mentioned, getting to know one another is crucial for understanding different perspectives. Much is lost in written communication compared to visual interaction, but traveling for this purpose isn’t economically sensible and should be deferred until there’s a milestone to celebrate.

Thank you,


I also strongly agree with this statement, and I have always thought this way. Having a successful incentive mechanism will attract more people to participate in the DAO.


I appreciate the transparency. This meeting could’ve happened without anyone’s knowledge. I wouldn’t call it official as there’s no guarantee the DAO will vote to implement their policies made. So all in all it’s still decentralized.

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I agree that no meeting will solve every problem we’re facing, but I do believe that meeting in person will accelerate some of the conversations and hopefully increase the empathetic capabilities of our community by allowing us to know each other a bit more.
Regarding the economics of this, the DAO won’t put a single dollar to make this happen, we secured some funds to help people travel if they do not have the financial means to do it, and the operations of the event will be financed by the money generated from minting the NFT ticket. This is not going to be a fancy summit, just a cowork space where we can chat, brainstorm and write ideas on whiteboards and some food and beverages to keep our brains as functional as possible!


Hi LLD! Incentivizing people could be one of the proposals we should discuss IRL. There’s no relation between financing this meeting (because it’s not official and no money from the treasury will be used) and incentivizing contributors in the long term. I would love to see you there!

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Exactly. Not doing it official is by design.


i Hopefully the Next IRL submit will be in HK that’s will be Great. HK don’t need VISA onboard.