[DAO: QmZBy5Z] African Community for Outreach and event organization

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


What does the Web3 revolution mean in the African context? Do we have a place in it?Primitive Africa was founded by Maurice Jp. Osarenren in 2020 and went Online in late 2021. Our sole purpose in the web3 is to act as community for information, research and innovations relating to web3 technology in Africa.

As native Africans, We believe that web3 technology will positively transform African societies by unlocking new commercial opportunities and improving individual access to a range of financial service and educational support for the skillful to share their innovative ideas.

Our mission is to be an educational resource that provides access to information and to create an innovative community for Africans and Africa related creatives

Grant size

40,000 USD

Beneficiary address



The African Web3 innovation (Community) is an interesting development because in the last 3yrs its had a growth of $5.5m to $14m and it’s predicted to continuously grow at 20.41% annually to reach $20,256m in 2023.

My Community has issues, we know the problems and Primitive Africa will give solutions to all of these problems and takes advantage of this amazing Web3 to develop a place for innovators.

We launched last year and we’ve made $740, got 180 Positive reviews on Uhive and about 3200 members with great ideas with no resources, you can imagine what we could do if we have the resources.

When we get funded this funding will help us grow, starting with our target for the first quatre of the year.


Primitive Africa-
An online web3 community by creators for creators of African innovative ideas. We link up creators and useful information and tools to support innovative ideas made for African communities and others while equipping them with the right tools to Create, buy and sell easier, faster and more securely to a global audience interested in Africa related.

The Web3 community for African innovation is now estimated at US$1 billion, with
the accessible market standing at US$7,466 million. The gap is
caused by lack of proper visibilty, lack of access to market data, tools, and Information for creators and a population that is only just getting used to African
online web3 innovations. To address this challenge, Primitive Africa is leveraging its African market share and global market potential by using traditional
buying and selling methods to create a unique and innovative
atmosphere that reflects authentic African models and lifestyles and gather useful information in one hub at the same time.


  1. Our creators or members is centered around the traditional ways Africans are used to in being, Creating and selling.
  2. Small talented creators struggle to get noticed, they cannot afford the cost of Ads.
  3. Limited access to web3|Decentraland|Metaverse data and trend to know what’s selling and selling fast.
  4. There is a long existing trust-gap between creators and clients
  5. Not being able to search the right african version of things


  1. Creators and tools that reflects the conventional ways Africans
    are already used to in bringing your innovation to life, buying and selling.
  2. We help to showcase creators creations to both local and global audience
    at the same time buyers can shop creatives as african style wearable or E.t.c
  3. We give innovators access to useful data and trends on web3 related.
  4. Build trust and credibility
  5. We solved problem of were to find African Creators and innovations

How PrimitiveAfrica web3 Community compares with the existing african communities?
we are believed to be #1.

With 0$ spent on advertising we managed to get 3200 members and 180 Positive reviews and 230 interest already on Linkedin with $740 sales on 5 items.

What notable things we have done so far from late 2021, Website and Mobile app https://primitiveafrica.com/ still progressing


Main Personnels.
Maurice Jp - Art History with Computer Science - BSc, NIIT -2016, Cofounded Fairest Fashion Int’l. https://ng.linkedin.com/in/mauricejp

Joe Pulley Otabor- Web Developer and CEO of Klariot, https://ng.linkedin.com/in/joeotabor

Mayowa Akin-Faosole- Highly Skilled Mathematics and Skilled with Management, https://ng.linkedin.com/in/mayowa-akin-faosole-33b5a644

Roadmap and milestones

2022 Roadmap-
Step 1 - Relaunch with the new and more skillful team mates
Step 2- Extensive Web3 Digital Marketing & SEO
Step 3- Raise funding
Step 4- Complete the Community & Mobile App
Step 5- Start real publicity, including getting Crypto influencers
Step 6- Hit 1.m members, $200k in sales commission before the first quater of the year
Step 7- Community driven projects with Primitive Africa and over 500,000k innovations.
Step 8- Community Events, Rewards and Creators supporting programs for the community and keep innovating.

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African Community for Outreach and event organization

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