[DAO: QmX8sTd] Should the developers focus on building out desktop-based application?

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The current game is a browser-based, and I think this makes the experience worse than it can be. Should the developers focused on building out an desktop-based application?

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LOL Now what we do with GitHub - decentraland/explorer-desktop-launcher ?

I admit I am not the most technical guy out there - can you help me explain what that link do? When it comes to desktop-based application - I am imagining something like: when you want to play leaguge of legend, you would go to the main page → go to the “download” tab → click on the download button download button. Then, there would be an app where after you double click, the game will launch and you can play the game!" Is the link you attached do something similar? I don’t see any “download” button. Thanks!

I’m new here. I just bought a parcel and I’m no expert of DCL. I see so much advantages of having a desktop-based app. Can someone explain why the community don’t want that exactly?

The desktop client is already a reality. A closed alpha is advanced in development, not sure if I am allowed to disclose more of this. Some fact checks about the improvements that the desktop version will allow:

  • 1000% rendering performance and improved visual quality
  • Unlocking of better rendering effects, complex scenes will run better. Think of realtime GI + RTX support in the future. (Not promising anything, just stating benefits)
  • Unlocking of VR support. Very very important and this is most likely to become a focus point next year. (Again, not promising anything).
  • Unlocking of world prefetching. This will enable having a snapshot of the world on disk that is patched at the client start. This would greatly diminish the bandwidth requirements. (this also allows a seamless streaming world).

This is great and super exciting! Feel free to not answer if you don’t want to, but is there a timeline of when this will be release for regular user? Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 2022?

Desktop app is a must if DCL want to expand and become massive! I have a laptop and it’s not bad at all but i have 100% CPU load, meanwhile i can play War Thunder and Dota without any lags. BTW when Desktop client will be available to download? Looking forward. GL devs!

Should the developers focus on building out desktop-based application?

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Should the developers focus on building out desktop-based application?

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