[DAO: QmP82Uv] Would'nt it be nice to view each others interest as an option?

by 0x37129087628b39b0c13eb8a5abc5091d00c44a41

say you’re in the virtual world of Decentraland and you run across someone that has their top 5 or 3 main interest listed next to their name and can be changed periodically… something so simple as " Someone to talk to " promoting mental health, or “First person shooter” … allows us to interact with someone easier… " what first person shooters you play?"… “you need someone to talk to? whats going on?” … if there is an event you’re attending that day, show it off in your avatar and see if theres anyone else attending the same event. So many ways to interact in an easier way… I truly believe this idea has major upside and potential. From brands to really anything at all. endless probabilities.

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Would’nt it be nice to view each others interest as an option?

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