[DAO: QmcUk2P] Tutorial to join the DAO

by 0x9f828f6d850eb9f6b3409ebb791e53e6416ab373

It is so hard to actually join the DAO. I still don’t think I’ve figured out how to do it, after spending 20 minutes trying to convert ETH and join the DAO. Is there interest from the DAO community in a tutorial/making it easier/UX exploration, so onboarding is easier (and therefore more accessible to bring on more token holders/grow the community)? This would be beneficial for the growth of Decentraland, if we can make it easier for people to become members. This is an observation on an opportunity as a newbie. Still trying to join the DAO…not sure i’ve if I’ve done it right or not…

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Tutorial to join the DAO

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