[DAO: QmaZ5R2] Allocate MANA for initial liquidity in Quickswap MANA-DG pool on Polygon/Matic

by 0xe161cc33f5b430be52aa69520d32cd3f39fa2be6

The Decentraland (DCL) and Decentral Games (DG) communities both have an interest in establishing a MANA-DG Quickswap pool on Polygon (Matic) because DG gameplay rewards are distributed in Matic DG and the new DCL NFT marketplace will feature Matic MANA as it’s native currency.

To make this possible, we propose the Decentraland DAO allocates $750K USD of MANA and the Decentral Games DAO allocates $750K USD of DG to create this pool. Each DAO would own 50% of the pool, so $375K in tokens will need to be exchanged between the DAOs so each can manage $375K MANA & $375K $DG. The pool would be initialized with $1.5M in liquidity.

QuickSwap can provide QUICK LP rewards as they do for the other two $DG pools on QuickSwap. Moreover, the pool will give DCL members a great opportunity to take part in the burgeoning Quickswap community and earn yield on MANA.

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