[DAO:c7f8a3b] Renewal Grant Support Squad H1 2024

Its sad, right? Looks like the community made a decision, now its time for GSS to question themselves - “why the heck we failed?”


When your grant is about to get revoked so you post a complaint but then they don’t so you feel bad and try to secure their jobs. LOL

I said from the start if the proposal passes they could become canditates of the official committee.

my complaint under their grant was after the decision of my case was already decided. maybe get your facts straight, and don’t act up like you are in my butt all the times with your delusional behaviour.

If you dont like just dm me I prefer no censorship when I reply to your dumb reactions again.


“Community decided” just like they did when your grant passed right?

and no thank you I don’t like dms and much less from cyber goons.

LOL, why were the rest of the messages deleted?

NVM, no one here ever has the balls to admit anything.

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These ppl wont let us beef which is why i said lets slide to dms, its uncensored and we can say what we want :melting_face:

That was considered beef? LOL

Please make DCL great again!!!
Go back to early 2020 idk, devs do something!!!

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As I said can’t properly say anything to beef, because its censored >.>

95K to delete Naruto gifs/pics and gym/pill comments. Wonderful!


I agree on this even if its coming from you.

I deleted it, this is a forum, not the #random channel of an instant messaging platform. Stop your spam.


I was expressing my opinion on a grant proposal and responding to what another user replied to me. I stopped after it became non sense. No spam here but thank you for letting me know it was you.

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