[DAO: bafkrei] Decentraland Explorer Mobile App

HI @gokberk, i just went into the app. I know we can’t use profanity here. I just wanna say f-ing well done. The gov proposal was only up 14 days ago, and the app is already up and working well. Amazing, thank you so much on behalf of us DCL users and investors. What would it take to allow scenes to be loaded in the app? Similar to Zepeto. Like the stats you shared, mobile access is so key to onboard the mass audience.

Hi @clarcrypto

Thank you, I am glad you liked the app. The app has been live since the end of March. The proposal was for further development of the app.
It would be great to play the game inside the app. Unfortunately, it is not in the development scope currently, but it is one of the mid-term objectives.

Thanks for the info @gokberk. That’s great. Is there anything we could do to move that objective forward? I know its a very tough endeavour to port the DCL Kernel into an app. But 1 thing i’m certain is that it will bring a whole lot more users to DCL. And DCL being the OG web3 metaverse, it would be great if we could make this possible whilst other metaverses are still focusing on their user tests and desktop versions.

@clarcrypto I will think about it but I need to spend time on this before saying anything.

Decentraland Explorer Mobile App

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