[DAO:b69ee51] Update #4 for proposal "Decentraland University Live Teaching Platform"

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This month has very much been focused on QA and the corresponding bug fixing. We have also been beefing the documentation and focusing on some usability details - especially in the Teacher’s area of the dApp.
The community venue itself is complete, and we have been testing it with the example content that we have created.
We also have started to identify the features that we will want to focus on in future phases of development.


  • NPM Library has received minor tweaks and has had various bugs fixed. It also now allows scenes to opt out of mainnet integration and specify their own testnet contracts. Shipped in the examples are the Goerli contract addresses which we use, so that people can experiment with this without having to incur mainnet gas charges.
  • The reference server has been deployed to refsvr.liveteach.io so that SceneTemplate2 which is based upon server comms is runnable and this URL will stay live for the foreseeable future. The server code is shipped as well, so people can test on refsvr.liveteach.io and then go to production with their own server instance.
  • The TeacherContent contract has had an export implemented so that we have the capability of migrating existing teacher content to new contract instances as we evolve the feature set in 2024.
  • The dApp has mainly just had minor fixes as a result of the QA process, but also has had some usability improvements, such as pushing some of the teachers controls into an “advanced” section. Also better handling of copy and pasting URL coordinates into texts boxes.
  • The Worlds Scene template has now been implemented and can be viewed at Live Teach Worlds Template - Decentraland Others can take our repo, modify the scene.json configuration and deploy to their own world.
  • A lot of work has been done on the example class content, and we have made a Cake 101 course, which is a for-fun example of the capabilities of LiveTeach. It contains:
    • A set of slides that present Sponge Cake basic - including the history of sponge cakes.
    • A video
    • An interactive 3D game guiding you through the process of making a sponge cake.
    • A poll asking users what is their favourite type of cake
    • A short quiz which tests students on their newly learnt knowledge of sponge cake.
  • The Cake 101 course has been optimised for the community venue. We will post some images in Notion.
  • We reworked the LiveTeach “space” scene example and improved the slides and added interactive content.
  • The community venue has been where we have been testing the example content, and we have been conducting multi-teacher tests to ensure that multiple teachers can teach concurrently in the same venue.


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Next steps

We will continue refining the features we have implemented and are now fleshing out our plans for the next wave of development.

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