[DAO:ae884ce] Update #3 for proposal "Resubmission - Genesis city map, 6-month renewal "

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Update Status: On Time
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:sparkles: March 2024 Update for https://genesis.city/


:dizzy: Genesis City map weekly updates

:desktop_computer: Restore API availability

:video_game: New Games layer

We’ve added a new Games Layer to Genesis City, making it easy to locate and access all the games available in the Decentraland metaverse.
The Games Layer shows the position of every game on the Genesis City map. Left click on a game’s location and you can jump straight into that game experience.
To view the Games Layer:
Games Layer > https://genesis.city/#0,0,2z,n0,e0,c0,p0,s0,r0,g1
This enhances the Genesis City platform as your entry point to explore and play the games within Decentraland.


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