[DAO:a81651b] Add the location -31,-27 to the Points of Interest

by 0x6d5e5ba88861df8dba0eb53ebad1ba89eb4b238b (ckbubbles)

The Land of Nail Art

Should the scene located at -31,-27 be added to the Point of Interest list?


The ABC DCL Clubhouse is home to @ABCDecentraland

Every Monday we ADVENTURE, help ppl w the BASICS, and promote a CHILL time in DCL — Hosted by @AwedJob, @Billyteacoin, + @ckbubbles.

Explored together for 1 YEAR and hope to adventure for many more!

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YES, enjoy the weekly adventures with this team!


I look forward to exploring and going on adventures with the ABC crew every week. Thank you for creating the space.


Why do I find this mildly amusing yet baffled why this has not happened sooner. LOL. Of course yes.


Quick and Easy yes for me. ABC’s Decentraland is a great tour that showcases talent across Decentraland every week. CKBubbles is highly active and does a lot for our community. A POI is long overdue <3


Thank you all so much for the votes and kind words. It means a lot to us to see community support for what we do each week!

We hope with this POI we’ll be able to bring more adventurers along for our journeys and share more of the amazing world of DCL.


As there’s 20 mins left on the vote, and this vote seems to be well over the passing, I will cast mine now!

TY all again for everything, we can’t wait to celebrate our year with you all today in about 25 minutes! :tada::sparkles::sparkling_heart:

Add the location -31,-27 to the Points of Interest

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 5,853,830 VP (88 votes)
  • No 1% 1 VP (1 votes)
  • Abstain 0% 0 VP (0 votes)

Add the location -31,-27 to the Points of Interest

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