[DAO:9eade8a] Add the location -99,-7 to the Points of Interest

by 0xe119a9633a6533e226e21558609a3957460533c9 (gawiz#33c9)

AvatarLife Arcade Centre

Should the scene located at -99,-7 be added to the Point of Interest list?


AvatarLife arcade center is a real money skill gaming center in DCL. It focuses on hypercasual gaming experience with real money betting launching 1 game every month. It plans to offer casual, real money gaming experience to DCL users.

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Active location and discord. Have interacted with one of the owners and see no reason why they should not be listed. An easy YES for me. Thank you.

Hey this spot seems cool, have you thrown any events here? Engaged in the community beyond having this land and asking ppl to join discord? Would love to get more of an idea of who you are and what you plan here aside from betting/gaming.


Hey CK, thank you for taking out the time and for your question. On your point, yes we have had regular engagement with the community on multiple occasions:
1 - We have had wearable giveaways over the last 1-2 months (The pac-man lookalike helmet is our most loved one)
2 - We have had gaming tournaments on our individual games (on a different land though) and have paid out $500 in prizes to players and users
3 - We have sponsored some events as well (last week one of the parties at Penguin Club) and will be doing one in November

We launched last week and we are working on a streaming backend so that we can organise events on our space as well - we have a dedicated section for that on our build and have already partnered with Mizo to organise those.

Going forward, our focus will be on games (free play, betting, tournaments and P2E). We will have one-two events outside games every month depending on our budget. On the game side, we will launch 1 game every month

About me: I am a metaverse lover for a long time and I was very active and successful in Second Life. I created and operated games on Second Life for 7 years. I am bringing that experience and those games to DCL for my second run.

Hope I answered your questions. My discord: gawiz#2743

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Add the location -99,-7 to the Points of Interest

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Add the location -99,-7 to the Points of Interest

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