[DAO:9c7fdf8] Video explainers about DCL DAO and its governance model

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Should the following $5,805 grant in the Documentation category be approved?


We aim to create a comprehensive library of animated videos designed to demystify Decentraland’s DAO. This educational video series will target potential contributors and active participants, focusing on various aspects such as the introduction to Decentraland DAO, governance processes, proposals, and the new bidding and tendering flow. Unlike traditional marketing or sponsored content, these videos are intended to serve as a community resource, providing a reliable guide for effective participation in Decentraland’s governance. The goal is to increase governance participation, deepen understanding of decision-making processes, and promote decentralization within the platform.

Grant size

5,805 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



This project, comprising a library of animated videos, aims to elucidate the critical aspects of the Decentraland DAO, making it more accessible for potential contributors and DAO participants to interact with governance.

In this link, you can see a demo video we’ve made about the bidding and tendering flow, based on this info. The purpose of the demo video is to showcase our work and quality! We are open to receiving feedback

The videos we propose creating are:

Video 1 | Introduction to Decentraland DAO: This video serves as an introduction to the DAO, its members, what roles there are and their importance.

Video 2 | Governance Processes: In this video, we explore the intricacies of Decentraland’s governance processes, shedding light on the decision-making mechanisms that drive the platform.

Video 3 | Proposals: This video guides viewers through the proposal process, from understanding the concepts to creating, submitting, and casting votes on proposals.

Video 4 | The Bidding and Tendering Flow: This video is about the new governance process implemented in Decentraland.

Supporting this project carries the potential to significantly boost participation in Decentraland’s governance and contribute to a greater level of decentralization. By creating well-researched, high-quality animated videos, we aim to address various critical issues and bring numerous benefits to the Decentraland platform. Upon completing the video series, viewers will be able to:

  • Actively participate in Decentraland’s governance.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the decision-making processes within the platform.
  • Analyze the Decentraland ecosystem with a more informed perspective.

It’s crucial to note that this project is distinct from simply sponsoring content to content creators or marketing initiatives. The content produced as part of this grant is intented to be used by community as a DCL resource for everyone and will serve as a reliable source of information about the DAO. This is not just about creating content, its about providing a clear guide for people that want to participate in governance.

By funding this project, you contribute to enhancing governance participation and furthering decentralization within Decentraland.

Roadmap and milestones

Critical Milestones.

  1. Content Planning and Development: Create a detailed plan for each video in the series and draft clear and easy-to-understand scripts. (Estimated duration: 3 weeks)
  2. Review and Feedback: Review the content with experts and the community, make necessary changes, and finalize the scripts. Support from different members of the Collective is important to create the most aligned content. (Estimated duration: 2 week)
  3. Production: Create high-quality animations and record voiceovers for each video. (Estimated duration: 4-5weeks)
  4. Launch and Completion: Release the video series, incorporate it into Decentraland Documentation, share it with the community, and gather feedback. (1 week)

Total: 11 weeks from grant approval to final completion
*We will post updates to the Governance Forum every 2 weeks.

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I’ve seen some of the work the team at Criptoversidad did for other DAOs and it’s pretty good. I believe we could benefit from some audiovisual content to explain the main concepts to newcomers. They could work with the Facilitation squad to get the details and polish the script and we could publish the videos on our YT channel and the Decentraland Docs. Also, the $ they ask looks reasonable for 4 videos.


I really like this idea. I was in DCL for 6 months before I knew anything about the DAO or that it even existed. Can this be streamed into Genesis Plaza and also DAO Headquarters?

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How does this compare with the grant that was just passed to document the DAO? Im usually okay with trying out these lower requests to see how some go but there is currently an open grant revolving around the DAO. I think it may just be documentation but there should be some communication and collaboration between the 2 in my opinion. I need to look into theirs first before voting.

There is also this bidding and tendering proposal that could be escalated to bidding. Stronger Documentation for the DAO

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Totally Gino, from Cryptoversidad we want to make the best effort in collaboration with the community. Thank you very much for your support! Let us know if you have any questions! We’re happy to answer them

Absolutely, we are aware that DAO can be overlooked, that is why we want to encourage its education in a simple way. The idea of streaming this information into Genesis Plaza and the DAO Headquarters is quite intriguing. We are down for it. If you can give us guidance on how to implement this, please let us know. Thanks for the comments

Hey, thanks for your question.

While the other grant primarily focuses on design and illustrations, our proposal takes a different approach. We concentrate on creating animated videos with interesting & simple explanations. Our team is committed to thorough research, content preparation, and planning to ensure the material is presented in a clear and engaging manner. This approach not only guarantees quality but also serves as an effective educational tool. By offering comprehensive and visually appealing explanations, we aim to make the information more accessible to a wider audience.

Please let us know any additional information or insights you may require to make an informed decision. Collaboration and communication between these initiatives could indeed result in a more holistic and impactful outcome for the DAO community!

What about spanish video? there is a huge potential of builders and users in Latam community that can embrace Decentraland Latam identity, maybe ignored all these years since launch.


Hey Pablo,
Certainly, creating a Spanish version of this video series is a feasible idea that we are open to exploring. We recognize the untapped potential and interest in the Latin American community for Decentraland.
If the community expresses a need or desire for a Spanish-language video series, we’d be more than willing to produce it. This would not only enhance governance participation from a broader audience but also contribute to establishing a stronger Decentraland identity in Latin America.
We’re open to hearing more people on this!

Head of Research at Cryptoversidad

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Video explainers about DCL DAO and its governance model.

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 16% 1,956,900 VP (32 votes)
  • No 70% 8,000,855 VP (72 votes)
  • Abstain 14% 1,663,755 VP (17 votes)