[DAO:7d6b21e] Should VP Delegation expire?

by 0xd4f1cab694c4424c4796549edbb9b489789f4df5 (TudaMoon)

Voting Power Delegation is a useful tool for those who are not as active in the DAO.

Obviously at any point in time VP can be re-delegated by the delegator, however those inactive Delegators may forget they even delegated VP or may not realize how the delegate of their VP has been voting.

The reason it would be good to have expiration dates on VP delegation is to give the delegators more responsibility of their delegate’s votes. By forcing them to renew, it gives the delegator’s the ability to review their delegate’s history of votes and to ensure it aligns with their views.

Obviously it has always been up to the responsibility of the delegators to ensure their votes are being put up to good use by their delegate, however ones that don’t care enough to re-delegate their VP over a chosen term are most likely the same delegators who don’t care how their delegate is voting on their behalf.

  • Yes, expire after 6 months
  • Yes, expire after 1 year
  • Yes, expire after 2 years
  • No, keep delegation indefinitely
  • Invalid question/options

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VP delegations are entirely at the discretion of the asset holder, imo no other entity/mechanism should interfere with this process.


That’s a fair assessment. I just wanted to see what everyone’s opinions were and make the suggestion. I do think long term it leads to detachment, inattention and neglect. I am seeking checks and balances.

Maybe the Delegators should have more responsibility to whom they delegate to? Just a thought.

Interesting idea. Could be an interesting system to keep delegators engaged.

The only issue is that one of the roles of delegation is to give VP to members with no VP.

Maybe the system could be:

  • If the member receiving VP has more than X amount of VP make it expire
  • If the member receiving VP has less or equal than X amount of VP it doesn’t expire

The algorithm could also be continuous, where the real value of delegated VP is a function of the time between now and the delegation time and the amount of total VP of the person receiving the VP.

This would drive the amount of VP to a desired value.

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Should VP Delegation expire?

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes, expire after 6 months 7% 186,646 VP (17 votes)
  • Yes, expire after 1 year 1% 275 VP (4 votes)
  • Yes, expire after 2 years 1% 4,658 VP (2 votes)
  • No, keep delegation indefinitely 78% 2,110,562 VP (34 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 13% 351,016 VP (9 votes)

Should VP Delegation expire?

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