[DAO:6a0e1b8] Update #6 for project "Resubmission - Genesis city map, 6-month renewal "

Author: 0xbf0b8c681b54027b11318cd6cf7cbf96c49666a2
Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


:sparkles: June 2024 Update for https://genesis.city/


:dizzy: Genesis City map weekly updates

:wrench: Technical Update: Image API Restoration and Optimization

We’re pleased to announce significant improvements to our image serving system:

  1. :file_folder: Restructured Image Storage:

    • Individual parcel images are now hosted in a dedicated GitHub repository, separate from the main application.
  2. :rocket: Enhanced Image Delivery:

    • Implemented a Netlify Function acting as an efficient proxy to serve images.
  3. :building_construction: Improved Repository Management:

    • These changes maintain a cleaner, more manageable structure for our main ‘genesis.city’ repository.


  • :zap: Faster build times
  • :arrows_counterclockwise: Easier updates and maintenance
  • :globe_with_meridians: Improved scalability


Next steps

Additional notes and links

As always, our code is open source on GitHub (Genesis City · GitHub).

Thank you for your continued support! :blush:

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