[DAO:533d33a] [Updated] Soul Magic Game Development Proposal

by 0xd91db432d98d80e9467206cab3b9c46081795f0d (Mazzak)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Soul Magic is a magic-themed play-to-earn role play game in Decentraland. It enables players to earn in-game resources, items, and NFTs. Soul Magic was selected to join the first P2E incubation program of Decentraland in early 2022. Since the public alpha launch, Soul Magic has quickly become one of the most popular games and consistently stays at the front page of places to visit in Decentraland.

In order to expand Soul Magic and grow the community, we are applying for this grant to accelerate the pace of our development. We wish to make Soul Magic more than a game, but also a popular place in Decentraland for collaborations and providing metaverse experiences.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Soul Magic is a magic-themed role play game in Decentraland. Since the public alpha launch, we have acquired over 3,000 players, the size of around 400-700 weekly players and 1,000 weekly sessions. We aim to develop it to be one of the most popular places in Decentraland.

Highlights of the project achievement so far:

  1. Completed the first play-to-earn incubation program of Decentraland
  2. Launched private alpha in September 2022 and public alpha in October 2022
  3. Distributed rewards to community, total value is around 18,000 USDT, including Learning Hat, Goldeneye NFT, Soul Magic Cyberpunk skin and Tenshi Akuma NFT
  4. Developed game plays including mining (ores and magic stones), farming and storage
    Child Z NFT holders can unlock the private room in our game and display their NFTs
  5. Server optimization and performance enhancement
  6. Over 17k Discord members and growing

Events launched:
-Mining contest at public alpha launch and OG wearable giveaway
-Metatrip visit hosted by Polygonal Mind
-Tenshi Akuma NFT giveaways to 100 participants
-Goldeneye soft launch campaign and NFT giveaways
-Meta Gamimall’s Metamine event giving away Soul Magic Cyberpunk skin

Our team is committed to devoting ourselves to the expansion of the game and community. We planned to enhance the game features and functions, ultimately attracting new players to Decentranland and retaining existing users. It is expected that Soul Magic game will reach 20-30 users at the same time after the upgrade.

With the help of this funding, it allows us to expand our project team and also upgrade the game server, to achieve the goals listed on the roadmap below, and deliver major game updates to the community following the expected timeline.

Website: https://soulmagic.io
Discord: Soul Magic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/soulmagicnft


Public Alpha version

We are launching the game alpha version on Decentraland in September 2022. The alpha version involves the following game setup and features:

Environment in Decentraland:
-5-floors magic school including Lobby, School Hall, Classroom, Laboratory and Private Room
-Forest surrounding the magic school containing farmland, mine and Magic Circle which will be used for future NFT crafting

Game features:
-Inventory system involving storage chest box and backpack carried by player
-Players plant various seeds to gain crops from harvest. Player trains farming skill-level from farming activities
-Players mine raw rock to gain various ores from mining. Player trains mining skill-level from mining activities
-Currency system - to include the in-game currency “Gold Midas”
Players can display their NFTs collection in the private room of Elswyth Magic School

With the help of the grant, we will develop the following game functions and expand partnership with different projects:

Game functions to develop
-Additional skills for players to train when they collect and process resources, including but not limited to Botany, Alchemy, Runology, Crafting, Meditation
-At least 20 additional items for players to collect in the game as the scale of the game expands, including in-game items as well as Decentraland wearables
-Exchange center - to let players trade resources in exchange for the game currency Gold Midas or other resources
-PvP game for players to compete with each other in the game for rewards, with the use of resources collected from the game
-Spell Book for players to train their magic skills related to resources collecting, crafting and combat, as well as the animations of casting the spells

-Partnering other NFT and metaverse projects (3 partnerships in the pipeline), with an aim to assist creators to be on-board and expand the user base of Decentraland

Proposal budget breakdown

Tech Stack - Blender, Unity, Node.JS, cloud server


Mazzak - Co-Founder and Game Designer
DDD - Co-Founder and 3D artist
Louis - Storyteller and Game Design
Ken - Project Manager
Gary - Fullstack Developer
Matthew - Backend Developer
Michelle - Software and Blockchain Developer
Ash - Graphic and 3D designer

Roadmap and milestones

December 2022 to February 2023 Deliverables
-Additional skills - Botany, Alchemy, Crafting, Runology and Meditation
-Exchange center for resources trading

March 2023 to May 2023 Deliverables
-Spell book development
-PvP game
-Additional items in-game and DCL wearables

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Reason for voting:

  • A solid team with very good and persistent contributions to DCL system
  • Good game narrative and diverse play mode
  • Strong design skills to create well-beloved wearables and scenes that will create huge extra attraction to the game
  • Keep ranking top among all DCL project user base, even without the grant
  • 60K is a reasonable amount for their level of contribution

Love to see more coming! Keep it up!

originally voted yes, but changed it to no after looking at the budget more closely - the roadmap is until may 2023, but the budgetis just for 2 months of production (40 days of dev work is billed) - only 10 days of project management, etc :thinking:

i just wonder what the long term strategy is here - you’re going to be pulling a pretty big team, are they just done after this work or what happens next? where does the project go from here and how do you plan to fund it? what is actual duration of what this grant is meant to cover?

Hello @dax, the dev man day is actually 120 days in total (3 devs times 40 days each), not 40 days. We expect to upgrade the game and expand the community, hence we can make more wearables to generate revenue, that will benefit DCL as well. Currently we have created 2 wearables and they have realized a trading volume of ~450 MANA already.

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I am just going to share this as it may become relevant. Mazzak the author of this proposal paid 0.177 ETH to Metatrekkers 2 days prior to this proposal. Let’s see how this plays out. :thinking:


WOW, so you are saying that he bought this NFT from @MetaTrekkers to get 1MM VP on this Proposal?

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I am not making any claims that I cannot back up. I just find it intriguing that they said this in their discord and now all of a sudden they are getting more sales. Maybe a coincidence?

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Can you please provide the Whitepaper & Tokenomics for the P2E?

You started your Project in March 2022 and got a total Volume of 2ETH

I don’t see how you will be successful and substainable with this Project.

For this reason i voted NO

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sure but i mean the duration of the time spent will be about 2 working months, unless each dev works in isolation, checking in with their PM once per week.

I am a strong supporter for developments in dcl and those trying to add a more sustainable flow of new incoming potential community members who maybe attracted to dcl because of the project above. YES for me

Hello @Tudamoon, in order to submit a proposal to Metatrekkers DAO for their community, which has over 200 NFT holders, to vote you will need to hold their NFT. It is similar to DG DAO that you need to hold DG tokens to submit a proposal for their community to vote. It doesn’t mean and there is no guarantee that Metatrekkers community will vote for our grant proposal to DCL DAO.

The difference is, that DG is a legit, minted out, and the BIGGEST Project in DCL. They are holding their OWN VP.

Metatrekkers don’t have 200 UNIQUE Owners

+70% of all NFTs have been minted between 2 Wallets (MetaTrekkerss & LifeOfElonMuskNFT) and sent out to different Wallets.

Thank you for sharing! Are you planning to propose a vote in their “DAO?”

The value of that image transaction is for the metatraker NFT, many people have bought it and collect it for the benefit it has.

I’m kind of confused with what you are saying here, realistically what DG does is exactly the same thing that Metatrekkers is doing based on @Tudamoon 's screenshot from their Discord. The credibility of the organizations is irrelevant to the structure of the actions, based on the claims above both are holding large amounts of VP and using a separate snapshot process with their community internally to direct the usage of that organizations VP.

Personally I’m not sure how I feel about this ethically as the method to stopping it would be some kind of centralized censorship and from one of my past proposals the community is clearly anti-censorship. If Metatrekkers or DG were more blatantly selling their vote for $ then perhaps the censorship would be warranted, but there is also no way to know if this is the case or not behind closed doors unless some form of information is leaked out. I see how the purchase of the NFT can be seen as an obstruction of a bribe, but as @Soulmagic said pretty much every NFT project / DAO requires holding either a governance token or NFT to participate. Could THO not do the same thing @Tudamoon and if they voted in favor of a proposal you submitted would consider yourself to have bribed them to vote in your favor based on your massive holdings of THOs? I really just don’t see how we’re supposed to police sub-DAOs which hold large amounts of VP from using that VP as they wish.

I am not saying to stop it, I am saying to be transparent about it. And let’s face it, Your opinion essentially says we can’t police it, so let’s throw ethics out the window.

I am the top holder of the Holy Ones. I personally would NOT make them vote on my own proposal - I could easily pass the vote in their DAO to do so. However, that would be unethical in my opinion.


[Updated] Soul Magic Game Development Proposal

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 60% 3,293,254 VP (102 votes)
  • No 40% 2,262,857 VP (35 votes)

To add to this, for DG DAO voting you need a gov token(xDG) similar to MANA not a community NFT.

DG DAO will vote on dcl props once you make it your mission to explain the project to the community rather than offering anything in return for the votes.


lol DG doesn’t sell its VP. Voting on dcl props is just another perk not the original or sole purpose of holding xDG.

The VP, mostly represented by LAND belongs entirely to treasury. The treasury is managed by DAO that is voted on by xDG holders. Anyone with 100k xDG can submit proposals. SoulMagic also submitted their proposal in DG DAO.


[Updated] Soul Magic Game Development Proposal

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x824Bd10E435237E7F148De35F5eE044eeC2C506E
Vesting dashboard

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