[DAO:48b5171] Update #3 for proposal "Genesis city map, 6-month renewal"

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August 2023 Update for https://genesis.city/


Hey everyone!

August 2023 Update for https://genesis.city/

:shopping_cart: New map layer coming soon: Lands for sale/rent.

The layer is ready and we’re making final tweaks to display the land’s info. When you click on a specific parcel on the map, a modal appears and it will show new information: whether the land is for sale and/or rent, at what price, and a clickable link to the marketplace. Expect more updates in a few days!

Find our code on GitHub at GitHub - genesis-city/genesis.city: Decentraland map and access the latest map version at https://genesis.city/.

Thank you for your ongoing support and valuable feedback!


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:camera_flash: Sharing a screenshot of a preview of the new layer: https://i.ibb.co/vJ1wWb5/Lands-for-sale-rent.png

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