[DAO:47e4bf3] Update #6 for proposal "DCL_Brasil (re-proposing to correct category)"

Author: 0x3429cbff7eb34e4c9dd9d7e41041fd7b2a01fdb0
Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track






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Hey @Atrovenado -

Since this is your final update, can you please draft up a more thoughtful update walking through the details of how your grant performed/event highlights/what worked/what didn’t? Attaching an excel file with your metrics is not the best way to reflect your updates (and should be a supplement attachment to a detailed summary).

I’d really like to see something more detailed and put together. Grant updates should not look like this.

Hey @Maryana,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the update. I hear you loud and clear.
I received your feedback and created a simpler spreadsheet for better visualization of the metrics.

About blockers, some videos didn’t get as many views as others, but that’s expected.
Videos with beginner-friendly content, such as “How to navigate in Decentraland” or “What is a DAO,” have had more views, demonstrating a higher demand for learning from those who are not accustomed to or have never entered the platform.