[DAO:47e4bf3] Update #2 for proposal "Decentraland Studios — Grant Renewal"

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In the second month of our grant, Decentraland Studios continued its mission to create job opportunities for our verified studios and improve the user experience for our community and brands. This report provides an overview of our progress and key achievements during this period.


During the second month of the grant, Decentraland Studios achieved the following milestones:

  1. Studios’ Profiles Enhancement: Updated the design of studios’ profiles to create a better experience for potential customers visiting our site, allowing them to explore studios’ creative work more efficiently, and facilitating their interaction with our studios. You can check some screens of this new design here.
  2. Messaging system for studios’ profiles: Added a “contact” button to studios’ profiles, to allow visitors to contact them directly without leaving our platform. Upon filling out this form, the studio will receive a message via email, to which they can respond to continue the conversation with the sender. Check some screens of this form here.
  3. Login Interface and Dashboard: Completed the design phase for the login interface and dashboard for brands. We are actively working on their implementation and expect to have this ready by next month. Check these new designs here.
  4. Automated emails for surveying brands: Designed emails to send to project managers (users who create projects in our platform) to check how the project went, and to verify whether they have hired a Decentraland Studio for their project. Check the design of these new emails here.
  5. Filtering and Sorting Enhancements: Added filtering options on the Projects tab. This enhancement aims to make project discovery more user-friendly and efficient.
  6. Resources Page Enhancement: We are introducing previews for the listed examples, for users to assess resources without the need to navigate elsewhere. Check these new designs here.
  7. Internal search engine improvements: We improved the search method in order to handle multi-word queries arriving at better results.
  8. Lead Generation: We initiated performance marketing campaigns on web2 platforms, with a targeted focus on attracting brand owners and marketers interested in the Metaverse.

Metrics for the Last 30 Days:
- Unique visitors: 1823
- Page views: 5043
- Leads: 76

  1. Platform Operations:

    • User inquiries were addressed promptly, ensuring a smooth experience on our platform.
    • Successfully onboarded 6 new studios.
    • Maintained active engagement across Decentraland’s ecosystem, including platforms such as Intercom, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  2. Job Opportunities for Studios: Over the past month, we have received a total of 6 job posts, 2 out of them have been moderated. 3 of these job posts have generated total revenue of $17600 for three studios. This information was shared voluntarily by the posters. This achievement shows the tangible impact of our platform in creating income opportunities for Decentraland verified creators. Furthermore, the Decentraland Foundation utilized our platform to hire services within our verified studios, showcasing its value within the community.


We made a strategic decision to temporarily postpone user research, including interviews with brands. This move was prompted by the time-intensive nature of other ongoing feature developments that demanded more attention.

Other than this, we found no blockers during the past month.

Next steps

Looking ahead, our plan for the next month includes:

  • Continuing the platform operations.
  • Further development and deployment of the login interface, dashboard, and messaging system.
  • Ongoing optimization of the platform’s performance and user experience.
  • Initiating automated email systems for efficient communication.
  • Launching product discovery activities based on user research results.

Additional notes and links

We encourage you to explore the following resources and stay connected with Decentraland Studios:

Thank you for your support!

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