[DAO:2d8ad28] Add the location -141,71 to the Points of Interest

by 0x71c99d7e593e4e2b07d17feba2d080cbffe832cb (VegasCityDCL)

Parcel -141,71

Should the scene located at -141,71 be added to the Point of Interest list?


LaLigaLand is the best known space for football lovers in Vegas City´s Sports quarter.
We recently launched this space on a 80 parcels scene to bring a new audience to the district.

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What will happen to the POI after the soccer event is over? will it be removed?

Great question. I wonder the same thing. I have seen the community involvement and interactions but will you return or be ever present?

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@Existential14 @SinfulMeatStick
This is a permanent venue in that our arrangement is one spanning multiple years.
We will regularly add new content - for example, we just added the golden ball quest to celebrate the launch of the world cup