[DAO:2bc5bb7] Should we remove redundant endpoints from Catalyst? lll

by 0x6438c3b1fa97ba144ea38fcbcee5f0ccf4539b1d (ph33bs)


The Lambdas service from Catalyst was originally designed to support various independent operations required by the reference implementation client. However, as time progressed, newer and more effective endpoints with identical functions were introduced, yet the service retained all previous iterations.

This is the third of a serie of proposals that aim to enhance the resilience and efficiency of Catalyst’s Lambdas service by optimizing its endpoints and removing old implementations that didn’t take performance into consideration, making inefficient use of resources. You may find the first proposal and second proposal of this serie here and here, respectively.

Provided that this proposal gets general acceptance level, the specified endpoints will be removed one month subsequent to its approval.


The main objective of this proposal is to enhance the functionality and usability of the Lambdas service by replacing the GET /lambdas/collections/wearables-by-owner/:address endpoint with the GET /lambdas/users/:address/wearables endpoint.


GET /lambdas/collections/wearables-by-owner/:address

This endpoint will be replaced with GET /lambdas/users/:address/wearables which returns the same data but paginated. This change increases the versatility and scalability of the Lambdas service.

  • Delete the endpoint
  • Keep the endpoint
  • Invalid question/options

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Is there any more redundant endpoints after this one?

According to ADR-226, there are still those four endpoints to be proposed for deletion:

  • GET /lambdas/contracts/servers
  • GET /lambdas/contracts/pois
  • GET /lambdas/contracts/denylisted-names
  • POST /lambdas/validate-signature

Hello @HPrivakos,

That’s right only those four endpoints are pending.

Should we remove redundant endpoints from Catalyst? lll

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Delete the endpoint 99% 4,904,410 VP (53 votes)
  • Keep the endpoint 0% 0 VP (0 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 6,395 VP (10 votes)

Should we remove redundant endpoints from Catalyst? lll

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)