[DAO:279599a] Update #1 for proposal "ChatGPT DCL-Docs Improvement"

Author: 0x1b35f4d22b2c8bc706bcfcc383a1ca77fb4fc600
Update Status: Late
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


Documentation selection and related issues


  • Specific URLs have been selected to be included and others to be excluded.
  • Some scripts have been made to obtain part of the information and it has been verified in a first testing phase to ensure in advance that the operation is as expected.



Next steps

  • Creation of the final scripts for data extraction.
  • Creation of scripts for cleaning and preparing extracted texts.
  • Second phase of testing to check its operation.
  • Publication on Github of scripts, processed texts, guide for their implementation and launch.

Additional notes and links

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Today we had the meeting with the grantee. We reviewed the progress and discussed some minor issues. The data to be input for the chat has already been selected and work on the scripts is underway. We will have a check-in meeting on February 7th, where the grantee commits to presenting the completed project (GitHub + ChatGPT DCL working). If everything is fine, the project will conclude with a presentation to the community at the TownHall on February 8th. I suggest that, in parallel, to finish selecting the input data for the scripts, the grantee should consult with community users who can surely add value to the project.