[DAO:260282c] Update #2 for proposal "Expanding Decentraland Explorers: Mobile & VR in Godot and Desktop in Bevy"

Author: 0x83f9192d59b393c8789b55d446e5d4a77075c820
Update Status: Late
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


Welcome to the second grant update from Decentraland Alternative Explorer project. This team has the main goal of developing an explorer version using two different technologies:

  • Bevy targeting to Desktop
  • Godot targeting to Mobile

As secondary objectives we have:

  • Make reliable explorer-agnostic tests to ensure the well-working of new explorers
  • Develop experimental builds on VR and Web using Godot

The project is progressing as planned.


General highlights:

  • Both explorers are now in the SDK7 Beta stage. This indicates that we have implemented the entire API and functionality, excluding some definitions like the Comms API, which are still in the development stage. The current focus is on bug fixing related to scene functionality.
  • Web3 signin and transaction execution are functional on Desktop (Godot & Bevy) and Android (mobile Godot).
  • Explorer tests have been integrated into both explorer CI systems, aiming to ensure non-breaking features from this point forward.

Detailed Godot highlights:


  • implement some properties of TextShape
    fontSize adjusted to 12 units ~ 1meter
    width, height
    outlineWidth and color
  • implement video events and fix some issues (#126)
  • implement ethereum controller (#122)
  • implement tween component (#115)
  • add billboard BM_Y mode, BM_XY forward to ALL for now
  • test: add visual snapshots and comparison (#104)
  • android build CI


  • add codecov badget to see the test coverage of the project
  • godot update to 4.2.1 => fix avatar vertex buffer issue (some mobile devices)


  • component AvatarShape not working
  • use player identity to sign headers (signed fetch)
  • materials: enable bloom in worlds environment
  • det == 0 in most of the cases
  • nft shape crash with texture null
  • parenting camera entity
  • ensure test finished after the plan is received
  • js runtime support async while evaluating the scene code
  • typo avatar_look_at
  • defining when a player is inside a parcel scene or not (#125)
  • coverage (#117)
  • round for calculating gray color
  • camera mode area
  • raycast origin_offset, and tick_number
  • billboard and add scene test to the ci

Detailed Bevy highlights:

  • web3 connectivity
    • signin
    • store/reuse ephemeral keys
  • profiles
    • remove local profile
    • load remote profile on connect or changeRealm
    • save profile on change
    • record snapshots to profile
  • support avatar textures (ui and world)
  • support video textures in ui (world done previously)
  • photobooth / render avatars in profile view
  • testing
    • testing js framework
    • automatic scene testing in ci
    • take and compare screenshots
    • numerous bugfixes exposed by the test suite


No blockers in this update.

Next steps

As everything seems to be on track as planned, the public roadmap in DAO Expanding Decentraland Platforms · GitHub contains what we’re working on. In January we plan to have a large bug-fixing stage and start developing the final product, late January we hope to start publishing beta releases and having public beta testing.

Additional notes and links

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