[DAO:11f3635] Should the DAO implement a Bidding and Tendering process to allocate resources for voted projects?

Hi @KevinOnEarth, @mono, @yemel and I are currently working on the Draft Proposal, taking into account all the feedback that we got and the previous experience of Compound DAO, which have used a public bidding process to hired their security auditor. It’s great to hear that members of the community are already thinking on projects that would benefit from the Bidding and Tendering process. It will be ready really soon.

Here you can find a draft of the Tenders and Bidding System.

Feedback, comments, and questions are welcome:

@KevinOnEarth @Tudamoon @Existential14 @CheddarQueso @Doug-NFTWorld @ckbubbles @dax @ile


Thank you for this note!! Reviewed it and honestly I feel there is all the “edits” needed, curious to hear what others think. I think a process like this once setup can be improved on, to start, will be good to see the community decide what kind of operations we will put up for bidding/tendering; could it possibly be something like, bidding to maintain Genesis Plaza? or like Gamer Plaza, etc.?

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This is a good start. It’s gonna increase the time requirement to read and vote on all these proposals but I am hopeful that it will also increase contributions and participation in the DAO. LFG.

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