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Zom’s Beard (FBRN x Zom)

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Zom’s Beard (FBRN x Zom)

hey i wi ll chek this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

This collection has been approved

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Thank you much @Sango :+1:

Hello? … is there anyone else that can help with this? @collections ?

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Hey @Sango … we’re looking at making some changes and I can’t get the model to go through due to the 2MB limits … idk if maybe update the icon/thumbnail for it and try the model after. I do remember the original thumbnail being larger.

Anyone have this problem or know what is going on here? I tried to edit it to the “Beard_Zom_Poly_ORANGE_v01.glb” file that has a size of 698 KB … but it is saying it is over 2 MB.

Still waiting on a update: 4/9/2024 2:14 am EST

The thumbnail was updated 5 days ago when requested.

the limit is a (Male model + female model + thumbnail) =< 2mb

It’s 1 glb file 778 kb + 1 thumbnail image 164 kb @Sango

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Try changing it within the editor rather then the edit representation way your are trying

I’ll try … it wasn’t working either way for me before, but will see if it is any different now.

… yeah @Sango, not working:

Also, we made a new smaller thumbnail, that one is still waiting on review … it hasn’t been updated.

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Okay, I’ve pushed that update. If you try again now and see if it lets you, if it doesn’t ill pass it onto the devs to look into for you

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Yeah, @Sango, neither clicking on icon to edit or editing in preview is working or it is saying it is too big:

and the thumbnail size is 1024x1024? i remember that has caused a similar issue before with other collections

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