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Zombie Minion

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Greetings theankou,

Your post is deleted, was wondering if it got deleted by mistake.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

I’ll check this now~

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Hey Daniel,
This looks heavily inspired by Minions so if you can shoot usage confirmation to and I can review.
Also emission looks super strong on this design and weighting around the head should be 100% top head armature~

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Heyy Michi,

I have sent an email to shooting out a usage confirmation,

And I’ve fixed the following:

  1. Lowered the emission to 0.5.
  2. Head is solely rigged to the head armature bones now.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to get this design approved, since minions are little cute creatures, but this is more on the human muscular side of an approach with a greenish(zombie) color and an eye that gives light!

I don’t want to have the 100 MANA wasted, thus, if this won’t pass I may replace it with other design from a collection of mine,

I am low on budget right now, that’s why I’m doing it one skin after another,

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Yeah of course! You can upload a design that isn’t inspired by commercial content and I’ll review~
Just let me know when it’s updated. :slight_smile:


Alright, I will start working on it, will let you know as soon as possible!

Thanks tons, <3


Greatings @michi ,

I kept my inspiration on the minion but this time I took the color of it’s skin and held it as my main inspiration and turned it into a Lemon(yellow)-Man, :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:

I have:

  1. Updated and replaced the new model.
  2. Updated the name, description and tags.

Took your previous comments into consideration as well through the updated design.

Now I can rest my eyes, :sleeping: :zzz:

@michi will work on a thumbnail image now, right away :framed_picture:

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This is so fun, I’ll review now~

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From this design it’s almost ready to go, just update it to not be covered in poo on the legs and it should be good for approval lol~
Thank you

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@michi Done, cleaned the poo up :joy:

It’s good to go now! :black_heart:

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Heyy @michi , any updates on approving it?

Thank you,

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You have really amazing skills, this is approved~


Oops just before I close this can you hide: hat, helmet, earring, eyewear, mask?

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Really appreciate your words of support @michi , means a lot! <3

sure thing, Will hide : hat, helmet, earring, eyewear, mask NOW!

List hidden, Done!!~ :heart_eyes:

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Thats all closed off now, let me know if you have any issue~

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For sure, thanks tons! ;3