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Zed Run Glowing Top

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Zed-Run Black Top

Hey there! Thanks for your submission, you may want to consider optimising the model’s geometry and materials so that it’s within the recommended limits of ~1300 triangles (or ~500 tris for an accessory) and two materials including one texture. Thanks!

Hi @Kat I will check with the developers. This was based on the other Zed wearable which has already been through the process so will see what changed as I expected it to be just a texture change.

The developer mentioned that over half the tris are used by the arms in the base that we used from you guys to make it from
@Kat what are other people doing? Do you know if there is a lower poly set of hand for us to base it on?

Kat, didnt you make the metadrip wearables? if im not mistaken the upperbody on that has 1695 tris and that got passed…

Hey @Kat
Please could you clarify whether this article published by DCL is out of date or whether these are the correct limits for wearables as there is some confusion in our team in terms of what you are saying as we thought we had 2 textures. I’ve asked the developer to drop the texture for the black material so we can use the 2 allowed textures to get the emissive effect on the t-shirt.
many thanks :slight_smile:

@Kat we have reduced the number of textures to 2 - so hopefully this wearable now conforms to what is needed to get it through?

@Shibu @vrglitch @Kat Bump!

James, the wearable has been approved!