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Yakuza deNîmes / Digital denim ©

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Yakuza DeNîmes / Digital denim©

For the contest OVR / DECENTRALAND FUTURE HERITAGE CONTEST, I invite you to like if you like my creations which will be maybe presented during the Metaverse Fashion Week.
In case of victory the physical product will be presented in collaboration with a French brand of Denim.
Thank you for your support:
to your like :
Collaboration Digital Denim © XBenjamin Spark © Artist X ( + French denim brand “confidential” )


The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello @DigitalDenim

  • Check hips > male clippingg with upper body, female is floating: avoid clipping and disconnection from upper body. (see images)
  • Update thumbnail: 1024 square PNG with transparent background.

Let @ me know here when you are ready :slight_smile:

the 3D developer I subcontracted, for the moment, does not answer anymore.
I have some basic knowledge in Blender, but I don’t know if I can personally make this small modification at the moment :-/

Oh sorry to hear that!
Maybe someone from the community might help you? this should be a quick fix, try reaching out on discord!

ok, I have the new .glb where do I upload it? do I send it to you?

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Hello @DigitalDenim !
You can upload it with the editor by clicking on the little pencil icon

I guess this is also a problem? The room above with the room below?

The top piece with the bottom piece? ( deepl :wink: )

Hello @DigitalDenim !
Yes you want to avoid clipping with upperbody.
While the armature is the same, male and female hips height is different, you will need to upload 2 .glb files: 1 for female and 1 for male

normally the designer tells me it’s ok

is it an obligation to have 2 files for pieces like jeans?

Hello @DigitalDenim !
This shape would clip with a wide range of upperbody wearables.
If you want to create unisex lowerbody parts you will need to respect both representations size.
Also check hips skin weights: avoid disconnections from upperbody

if I need the man and the woman, the upload tells me that, but they are 957Kb each …?

Hello @DigitalDenim !
Yes it’s becouse that size vaule include your autogenerated thumnail as well.
Reducing wearable texure size and compress them will help, you can use

the Thumbnail must be the visual of the pants generated in 3D or I can propose something else? like this ?

it must be representing the wearable item: 1024 square PNG with transparent background.
You can’t use this one specifically

I think the files are ok, they have been reworked

Collection is approved!