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Yahoo HK Buzzland Collection

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Yahoo HK Buzzland T-shirt

hi can you go into the collection and push a small change to push it to the curators tab?

I don’t have a change to make. All the information is provided to me so I can’t change a name, tag or anything like that.

just add a space into the description or something

The collection has been assigned to Sango

nevermind, its shown up now

model is all good, if you could send the proof of IP rights to then i can approve as soon as that is received. thanks

Thanks! We’ll be sending it in just a bit.

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Hi! We sent the email to legal. Thanks!

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Hey! Just checking on this. Let me know if there’s anything we can do to help.

ive not heard from legal yet, let me chase them up for you

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This collection has been approved

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Thanks! Looks like the client wanted to take away the pic on the back and the Yahoo logo. I have pushed these changes.

still looks the same my side

As you can see from this pic I have taken away the Yahoo logo on the front and also taken away the pic on the back. Those are the changes.

I had to take a few things away for the client. The Yahoo logo is gone as well as the picture that was on the back.

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oh okay, i thought you meant they were meant to be there but werent showing. ill push that now

updates have been pushed

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