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XETA Rubberdoll

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Xeta Gasmask

Xeta Rubberdoll


Xeta you naughty dog :rofl:

Look amazing, I have a plan to create the whole body like this too, if I set it to upper body should it has limitations at 1,500 tris or 3,000 tris?

This is amazing :rofl: :rofl: Cant wait for this one

The whole body is less than 2,000. Has to be less than 2k for it.

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You actually have 4500 triangles for using 3 categories that allow 1500 each


I would like to add this to my collection.

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hot, need this! cant wait to see it

lol xeta great submission

I want to be in this suit

Nice, really nice details

Thank you! Approved!

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