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Bellflwr Robe in Mandarin

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Hi! Checking collection now!

I think in your case the best way will be to change category from skin to upper_body with lower_body and feet listed in “hiding” list

That way you will need to remove head model and your wearable will works perfectly with standard avatar head with options to combine any hair / tiara / eyes / lips / etc. So, definetely upper_body category will fit better.

Also, i recommend you to shorten bottom part of jacket a bit, to avoid overlaps with floor

thank you!

Hi! We have resubmitted the Bellflwr robe files. We hope the changes are sufficient.

hello @theankou ! We are wondering if it would be possible to remove this submission as it was uploaded by mistake and we have resubmitted a revised version of the file in another collection called Wyld Ting Collection. Would it help our approval process if this submission of the Bellfwr robe be removed?

Hi! Why you just don’t updated this collection? Updates of published models possible and don’t require any fees, you still able to update this collection and thumbnail with new model, if you want, it’s absolutely free. Otherwise that will be just waste of money…

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hi! @theankou Thank you for this feedback. Unfortunately we already submitted the other wearables in the collection to a new collection before we knew it was possible to make changes to the one above.

It’s ok, you still can use and update this collection freely with your future models

Just tag me one day when you will update your collection with something :+1:
What about collection name, you can’t change it, but you still able to change wearable name, so i think that won’t be big issue with future wearable. :sweat_smile:

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