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Wrangler Jeans Collection

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Mr. Wrangler Icon Denim Jacket

Mr. Wrangler Denim Tuxedo

Mr. Wrangler Icon Jeans

Hey! I will check collection now!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

vertices of pants should be connected to vertices of standard body, for seamless transition between parts (for both M and F pants models)

add this categories to hiding list:

  • eyewear
  • earring
  • tiara
  • mask
  • hat
  • helmet

do you have IP rights to use Wrangler name? Please provide them to team :slight_smile:

fixed all of these now. thank you. the team has sent the email to legal as well.

thank you, i’ll ask legal team for more info

female jeans representation is missing, can you reupload again please?

should be all set now. added female and male representations.

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Hi @caseyjones05 i’ve got news from legal team, they told me that the last message that they got from Wrangler was in July and had lack of evidence can you please contact with them again and provide more information →

What do they need to do other than sending an email from their agency or their wrangler email account?

They sent an email months ago in anticipation of these wearables being made, if there is something specific to be written and sent, please advise so they can have that done.

Thank you

i can’t do anything regards IP rights, contact team from for more info about IP rights and what should be provided for more info, thank you! owns Wrangler, they are the publicly traded entity that owns the brand. If there is no official form to fill out then DCL should accept this as we don’t know what we need to do in order to be able to use the trademark on the wearables.

i’m not from legal team, i can’t help you!
write to, thank you!

Does legal give you the ok to move forward? Just trying to understand the process as this will not be the last brand that we have to represent and want to make sure they have a good experience with the curation and submittal process.

legal team told me that need more info about IP rights, because right now there is not enough evidence
so, currently, i can’t approve your collection :pensive: let me know when you will send more evidence to legal team, thank you!

collection approved!

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