Collection 'World Stage Metaverse Festival' created by Bat#268f is ready for review!

World Stage Metaverse Festival

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Ovy Hair

Santaflow Hoodie

DonAitor Hoodie

Norykko Hoodie

Magnos Cap

Lokyii Clothes

Lokyii shoes

Lokyii Cat Ears

Reviewing these now :+1:

Hey, these look awesome!

A couple of things that need to be adjusted though.

  1. The hairstyle is using waay too many triangles, currently 3390 tris. The most of what we can allow is around 1500 for a hairstyle, so it needs to be cut down quite a bit.

  2. The same hairsyle is also incorrectly skinned. You can see it on the back of the head when the character is in motion, the hairstyle should be 100% skinned to the head joint.

  3. The cap has a small issue with the hair. Looks like either the scalp is clipping through the hair or a normal is flipped on the hair geometry.

  4. Cap is also very emissive, not sure if this is intentional or not, but it makes the logo not visible