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World Famous Carbon Coffee

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Heya reviewing this now!

Look good! Please reduce the amount of triangles closer to 500. I think you’ll be able to remove a lot of triangles from the cup itself since the shape is simple.

Also please email providing evidence that you own this logo. And we’ll get this approved!


Hi, Apologies I didn’t know this is where the feedback was posted!

I’ve updated the cups to under 500 triangles and emailed legal with evidence I own the logo. Please advise next steps at your earliest convenience.

Good news! I received a response from The Legal Team of the Decentraland Foundation. They wrote, “We received your email. Please contact the Curation Committee to continue with the wearable collection approval procedure.”

So we’re good to go!

Great, Cheers! Approved!

Wonderful! Thanks, thanks. They’ll be in the Coffee Shop on Parcel 15,61 this weekend.